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GESCO is a manufacturer’s representative committed to offering growth-oriented, profitable and value-driven product programs consistent with current consumer trends in today’s ever-changing retail environment.

Focusing on large retail department stores, mass merchants, big-box hardware and supermarket chains, our customer-focused services include:

Our strength is our experience. GESCO is celebrating 25 years serving our customers across Canada with national coverage.We know our customers depend on us and we strive to always meet their needs.

We are experts in and have many years’ experience with consumer products in housewares and furniture, lawn and garden, cleaning products, storage solutions, personal care and sporting goods.

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GESCO is an innovator in the ever-changing retail environment providing superior customer service through our value driven product programs for our unique customers. Our strength is our experience.

Principal Products

  • Formula Brands

    Manufacturer of Betty Crocker small appliances, cookware & bakeware.

  • Cool Gear

    Manufacturer of food storage and hydration products.

  • Blu Dot

    Manufacturer of contemporary furniture.

  • Arden

    Manufacturer of outdoor seating cushions, fountains & household textiles.

  • Chaney Instruments

    Manufacturer of weather stations, clocks, cooking thermometers & scales.

  • Plastair

    Manufacturer of garden hoses.

  • International Cookware

    Multi-material cookware products.

  • And much more!

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